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from manufacturers including Lavazza Wega, Iberital, Astoria, Fracino, Franke and Matrix

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Coffee Machines

The Barista's Choice
With our high quality coffee machines maintained by our experienced engineers,
you and your customers can enjoy quality espressos, americanos, cappuccinos, lattes, mochas, macchiatos
the best filter coffees and luxury hot chocolate

Lavazza Blue Machines

The Lavazza Wega machine is a reliable and flexible traditional system which has been adapted for use with Lavazza BLUE sealed capsules, single or double dose, in 4 blends, with a decaff option
Lavazza pioneered the Blue system and the re-styled Lavazza Blue is a superb machine which has been specially developed for Lavazza Blue pods, and includes milk auto-frothers.
An incredibly dependable machine which is perfect for producing excellent coffee shop quality coffees.
Producing up to 300 coffees per hour
Without the need for full barista training.

51cm x 53cm x 56cm
weight 49kg

One and Two Group versions are available to rent
from £5.00+VAT per day 1 Group or £5.50+VAT per day with a 2 Group.

Traditional Espresso Machines from Ibertal

The Iberital machines are made to satisfy the most demanding tastes.
Designed to withstand intensive use and meet high performance expectations,
the Iberital machines are as robust and precise as they are versatile.

Traditional Expresso Packages Available including Grinder, Instruction, Training are available from £5.50+VAT per day.
Intenz Brochure
Expression-2 Brochure
Expression Pro Brochure
Click Here for Technical Specifications
Boiler capacity:
1GR - 6L;
2GR 10,5L - 14L;
3GR 20L
Heating element:
1GRP - 1800W-2400W
2GRP - 3000W-3800W (could be 5000w if required)
3GRP - 5000W-6000W
Iberital INTENZ 1GR: 476mm (Length) x 585mm (Depth) x 541mm (Height)
Iberital INTENZ 2GR: 790mm (Length) x 585mm (Depth) x 541mm (Height)
Iberital INTENZ 3GR: 964mm (Length) x 585mm (Depth) x 541mm (Height)
Iberital INTENZ 1GR: 38 Kg
Iberital INTENZ 2GR: 51-60 Kg
Iberital INTENZ 3GR: 69-74 Kg

Bean to Cup Machines

A Franke fully automated coffee machine is extremely simple to use:
a single touch is all it takes to serve up wonderful barista coffee.
The quick and easy preparation is unbeatable in self-service and food-service operations.

Perfect handling
The Franke coffee machine has received multiple awards for its simple and intuitive handling.
We want to simplify work in restaurants while not compromising on quality in the cup.

Price on Application

Height (mm) 829.00 mm
Width (mm) 320.00 mm
Depth (mm) 615.00 mm
Weight (mm) 45.00 kg

Soluble/Instant Machines

Matrix Machines - Mini Magnum

With all the features you have come to expect PLUS all new intuitive control panel,
increased capacity and enhanced features at an even more competitive price!

Designed to go where no machine has gone before.
With 3 canisters and 9 selections all within a footprint of just 16.5cm wide - proof that size really does matter!
More capacity, more features,
Without doubt the most competitively priced tabletop available today!

Dimensions: 66cm/16.5cm/45.5cm

For only £2.15 + VAT per day
Mini-Magnum Brochure

Click Here for Features

Built-in menu including standard and large drinks
Full audit facility
High speed delivery/whipping system
Advanced solid state heating 3kw (13A)
Programming in grams & millilitres
Pre-loaded drink defaults
Low voltage (12V) D.C control system
Integral flush system
Mains water or pumped versions available
8 premium drinks
Hot water on demand and measured
Strong/large options as standard
Compact size
All zintec chassis/polycarbonate door
New paint finish using metallic/polyester
LED illuminated cup station

Dimensions: 66cm/16.5cm/45.5cm

Filter Coffee Machines

Brewmatic 151 Filter Machine
Developed by Miko coffee, in partnership with Brewmatic.
Pouch Pack coffee is conveniently pre-packed filter coffee pouches, each one making a standard pot or thermos of freshly brewed filter coffee.
No more messy filter papers and are ideal for queue-busting during busy periods or for a thirsty office environment.
Pouches are vacuum packed for freshness.

Brewing aromatic coffee at the push of a button, the Brewmatic 151T/PP glass jug system (decanter) is a convenient coffee machine for the boardroom, conference centers, hotel, function venues, for queue-busting during busy periods or for a thirsty office environment.
Thanks to the Brewmatic 151T/PP, coffee can be prepared in advance of service or meeting allowing staff to get on with other duties.
No more need for messy filter papers with the innovative portion controlled coffee pouches, each one making a standard pot or thermos of freshly brewed filter coffee.
Different blends are available in a variety of strengths.
In 5 minutes, you brew a jug of freshly ground coffee.
This self-service coffee system is fully portable.

Miko are proud to be able to offer the Brewmatic pouch pack system on a very
special free on loan basis.

Beans & Pods

Beans & Pods from LavAzza & Miko
With our high quality ingredients from Italys favourite coffee supplier & Belgums foremost coffee producer,
you and your customers can enjoy quality espressos, americanos, cappuccinos, lattes, mochas and macchiatos


LavAzza Beans
Lavazza coffee beans are a great all-round premium coffee,
and is our best selling variety of coffee beans.
Perfect for use where style, flavour and image is important to your business
particularly well suited for making lattes and cappuccinos, and as a result, is
our best-selling blend of Lavazza coffee beans.
Each 1kg bag of Lavazza Super Crema coffee beans makes approximately 140 single espressos.
Lavazza espresso Pienaroma is a fine blend of 100% Arabica coffees, rich in aroma and taste.
Fine 100% Arabicas from the plantations of the best Brazilian regions and fragrant milds from Latin American mountains give this blend its typical fruity and flowery aroma.
For more than 110 years Ingredients:Lavazza Coffee Espresso Pienaroma, whole Beans, 1kg: Roasted coffee, whole beans.
A blend made from natural and washed coffee beans,
particularly mellow and sweet, grown on selected plantations in Brazil, Central America and Asia. Round, balanced, with an intense aftertaste
Prontissimo INSTANTS
Lavazza Prontissimo is a premium coffee with an authentic Italian taste.
Made using 100% Columbian Arabica beans,
it contains micro-granules that yield a full-bodied and rich cup of coffee to be enjoyed at any time of the day.

LavAzza Pods
LavAzza BLUE is a high quality innovative and easy-to-use foodservice coffee.
It by-passes the grinder-doser with single and double pod for a faster service, with no waste and no residue.
Lavazza BLUE offers several quality Lavazza blends to meet the different taste requirements of all your customer.

"Single Shot" Pods £28.00 Per 100
"Double Shot" Pods £38.00 Per 100

IFSEspresso Decaffeinato
LavAzza BLUE Espresso Decaffeinato Single pod
Espresso Decaffeinato, 100% Brazilian Arabica beans to produce a full bodied, rich velvety flavour with a sweet chocolate taste.
IFSEspresso Rotondo
LavAzza BLUE Espresso Rotondo Single pod
Espresso Rotondo, 100% Arabica beans to produce a rich flavour, a velvety crema and a smooth balanced body.
The single dosage pod has 8g of espresso coffee for use with Lavazza Blue machines.
IFSEspresso Rotondo Double
LavAzza BLUE Espresso Rotondo Double pod
Espresso Rotondo, 100% Arabica beans for a rich flavour, a velvety crema and a smooth balanced body.
14g double dosage for 2 espressos or a double shot with Lavazza Blue machines.

MIKO Grand Milano Coffee

Launched in 2007, Grand Milano is a dark, Italian-inspired blend of coffee, created using the finest beans,
precision roasted for a sweet, rich and rounded coffee in the classic Milano style.
Grown and nurtured in Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras and Antigua, Grand Milano sings soft notes of nuttiness and chocolate,
and can be enjoyed as a rich espresso, or a lush indulgence with milk.

A popular choice in restaurants and cafes, Grand Milano is the youngest, hippest blend of the Miko brand.
It is recognised for having its finger on the pulse of the current generation and capturing the attention of even the most
discerning palates.
Come and share in the obsession.

PURO/FAIRTRADE Puro isn't just a brand of coffee, it's an institution, one that prides itself on helping the world to breathe a little easier.

Firstly, it is certified by the Fairtrade Foundation and committed to purchasing all of its beans from Fairtrade co-operatives.
Secondly, it actively supports the need to slow down and eventually halt the destruction of the lungs of the Earth and natural abode of the finest coffee, the tropical rainforest.

Rainforests are born again with Puro's helping hand.
Working alongside the World Land Trust, Puro uses profits generated from the sale of each bag of coffee to buy and protect areas of rainforest in South America.
Restoring habitats, reintroducing lost species and reinvigorating the land, where coffee is grown under the shade of native trees, has become a love for Puro.
One that easily matches its love for fine coffee.

Available in both Fairtrade and Fairtrade Organic blends.
Puro is a treat for the taste buds and the 'ethical choice' of coffee.
Each bean carries a message, a story.

PORTIOLI There's something very special, beautiful, profound yet intangible inside a cup of Portioli Coffee.

Perhaps it's the origin of the beans: the heart of the sweeping, fauna-rich rainforests of Asia, Africa and South America.
Perhaps it's the relationship of trust and sincerity between the growers and the roasters.
Perhaps it's that each blend of Portioli Coffee enjoys its own exclusive 'recipe' of processes at the roasting stage, whether it's a few minutes difference in time, or a few degrees difference in temperature.
Perhaps it's that Portioli Coffee is roasted in Milan, where a love of beauty, creativity and doing things differently flourishes.
Or perhaps it's that Portioli has own from a quaint little tasting-bar with one small machine in 1958 to the international institution it is today, yet remains a family-run business.
One with all the charm, dedication and passion for perfection that family-run businesses are known for.
Portioli Coffee is reflective of it all.
Inside each cup you see a journey, you see a family and you see an authenticity like no other.

Machine Cleaning Products

Puly Powder, Liquid and Tablets

All products throughout the range are specifically designed and created for use with traditional coffee machines and bean to cup espresso machines,
as well as other tools and related accessories such as grinders,
jugs and frothers which come into contact with tannin staining or milk deposits, produced from the bean when used to make a beverage.

All products are highly concentrated and are totally removed after rinsing leaving no deposits or trace on machines,
Puly products are the fastest dissolving coffee machine cleaners known to man,
all products are 100% biodegradable, environmentally friendly and completely non hazardous.

-Puly Caff Detergent Powder is used to help clean and backflush traditional espresso machinery.
-Puly Milk is used for bean to cup and steam frothers.
-Puly Powder Tablets or Puly Tabs are used for bean to cup.

Puly Caff Backflushing Powder For Traditional Espresso Machines

Backflushing is an essential part of commercial espresso machine maintenance.
In use your machine will develop a build up of Tannin and layers of oil produced from the ground coffee bean.
These Tannin and oil deposits quickly dry and settle around the workings and
components of the groupheads forming an unsightly,
unhygienic and unwanted obstacle for the water of your machine to run over or through.

These elements have no mercy and stick to anything they come into contact with,
the result is that your coffee will soon develop a bitter and undesirable tonal quality,
not only affecting the taste of the espresso but also affecting the aroma,
in extreme cases tannin deposits have been known to cause
partial blockages to the path of the water before it hits the portafilter or filter holder.
Tannin deposits are well known to be one of main causes for complaint of bitter tasting espresso.

Click Here for Instructions How To Back Flush
• Take your machine portafilter or filter holder handle and remove the basket.

• Fit the back flushing plate into the portafilter or filter holder handle.

• Put a level teaspoon of Puly Powder in the basket and place handle in the grouphead as if you were going to make a coffee.

• Press the water button as if you were going to make a coffee and let it run for 15 seconds before stopping.

• Leave the machine for a minute or two and you should see
the now foamed solution gradually working its way out of the machines exhaust pipe into the drip tray.

• Wait until the movement of the foam has completely stopped,
then run the water button for another 15 seconds, again wait until all movement has stopped.

• Remove the filter holder handle, rinse it under a cold tap to clear it,
then perform 3 x 15 seconds backflushing with nothing in the basket so it flushes with normal water.

• Continue the process with normal water until you see it running clear from the exhaust pipe.

Puly Milk Cleaning Detergent Liquid

Used on the cleaning rinse cycle for all known makes and models of bean to cup machines and traditional machine steam-arms.

It is not only used for internal cleaning but many people use it for cleaning auto cappuccino milk frothers and foamers as well as milk jugs and frother attachments,
in fact wherever there are milk deposits or coffee residue, even in situations where they have dried up,
Puly Milk can be used effectively to remove them.

This industry standard liquid is both user and environment friendly and comes in a rugged 1 litre squeeze and measure plastic bottle.
Looking at the container from the front this innovative design has two openings,
the blue section on the left is made so that you can squeeze the bottle until the required amount is sat in the measuring container (0-30ml) before opening and pouring.

The red lid to the right of the liquid bottle is simply for opening and pouring free style,
You may wish to simply soak things in it for a while to break down and clean stubborn dried milk.
The transparent bottle makes it easy for you to see exactly how much is left in the container.

Click Here For cleaning a steam wand with Puly Milk
For cleaning a steam wand simply add 25ml of Puly Milk to 500ml of cold water.

• Insert the steam wand, also sometimes known as the steam arm, into the solution.

• Open and close the steam valve (via the steam knob or slider) 7 - 10 times in succession.

• To rinse any remaining solution away from the machine simply repeat this cycle using normal cold water.

Click Here For cleaning bean to cup machine auto frother, milk,
tannin staining and coffee residues with Puly Milk

For cleaning a bean to cup machine auto frother, milk, tannin staining and coffee residues

• add 25ml of Puly Milk into 500ml of cold water,

• insert the machines suction pipe into the solution,

• run the entire volume of cleaning solution through the milk frother,

• rinse out by following the same procedure with 1 Litre of normal cold water.

Puly Caff Tablets for Bean to Cup Machines

Puly Caff Tablets are the detergent cleaners used for the cleaning cycles of bean to cup machines,
They are Biodegradable and have been tested and certified by NSF International for the possible effects on health and for the corrosives of specific professional chemical detergents for espresso coffee machines.

These highly concentrated top of the range tablets are 100% dissolvable, even in cold water,
the detergent is fully active within 10 seconds of being utilised.
These typically come in two sizes which are 60 x 2.5g tablets or 100 x 1.35g tablets,

The size you use is normally dictated by the size of the slot on your machine,
a useful guide is to measure the diameter of the slot,
you should use the biggest tablet you can, which will suit the model of your machine.

Puly Caff Tablets 1.35g size are 10mm in diameter,
Puly Caff Tablets 2.5g size are 16mm in diameter,

For cleaning procedures please consult your machine instruction manual.


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feedback from customers about The Miko and Lavazza Coffee they supply to us and their range of products and the continuing support they offer us is second to none."
- Steve, Head Chef, Royal Hotel - Ventnor

"We are proud to have Island Food Service as one of our Suppliers for many years, In this time we have built a strong relationship and have always found them competitive and in our hour of need they are there. We look forward to continuing with this outstanding company in the future."
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